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>> greta: the prosecution rested it's case against jody arias. defense lawyers will begin presenting their case january 29th. what is their strategy? >> jody arias killed. there is no question about it. the million dollar question is what would have forced her to do it? and throughout this trial you will hear that she was indeed forced. >> greta: arias is claiming self-defense, claiming alexander psychologically and sexually abused arias. but self-defense was the third version of what happened the night that have brutal shower
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murder. the dpeens has a long road ahead. we're going to keep you updated tlult throughout the trial. make sure you go let us know what you thought about this special edition of on the record. good night from washington. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching fox and friends first. it is time now for the t5@5:00. >> american pastor was convicted simply for being christian. he has been sentenced to 8 years
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for tat the most brutal prison. >> usually when they go after somebody because they are christian or convert they don't say that. the state media today which was in the courtroom in this surprise trial where they announced his conviction and sentence in less than a week as you said they put in their own article. they say his crime and what he was convicted of was intentional attempt to undermine the national security of the iranian government by being involved in house churches from 2001 to 2005. >> the state department is now calling for his release saying we condemn iran's violation of universal right of freedom of religion we call on him to respect his rights and release him. >> another miracle on the hudson they managed to get out of the
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sinking plane. they were in the water for hours. >> we had a visual on them and we were trying to head them off. they were going southbound at a pretty good clip. >> they were taken to the hospital. they are being treated for hy hypotherm hypothermia. >> four years ago sulley sullen burger crashed a plane on the hudson river saving the lives of 150 people on board. brand new de bails em americaing from the horrific fire that killed 233 people in brazil. they blocked the exits because they didn't want people to skip out on their bar tabs. about 2,000 people were inside at the time. that's double the club's maximum capacity of 1,000. many of the victims died from smoke inhalation others were trampled in the rush to escape. >> parts of the mississippi river back open to traffic this
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morning after two barges hit a bridge. both ships were heavily damaged one carrying 80,000 gallons of oil started leaking. crews were able to contain the leak. they don't know how much oil seep nude the river. an oil sheen could be seen 3 miles away. they are being used to absorb it and the bridge was not damaged. >> the skroon actor's guild award saw another big winner last night. >> the oscar goes to the cast of "argo." >> overall kasper form man's. it comes after the golden globes. >> they came to work every single day whether they had a line tore a lack to somebody or two lines or ten lines or something i couldn't understand in farsi and they wanted to kill it. >> also jennifer lawrence for her role in play book and daniel
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day-lewis for his role in lincoln. >> 8 senators from both parties for a broad overall of immigration lawsuit. >> this happening one day before the president heads to las vegas to unveil more details about his own immigration proposal. >> kelly wright has more. >> patti ann and heather good morning to you as well. hope you are doing well. top senators are focusing on a bipartisan plan for immigration reform. 11 million people are living illegally in the united states. 8 top democrats and republican senators plan to announce this afternoon a proposal the bill that would provide pathway to citizenship a worker enforcement program a guest worker program visa worker program and more. >> we are commit to do a comprehensive approach to finally have an immigration law we can live with.
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we have been going for maybe 25 years with statement about immigration policy. that's unacceptable about immigration of immigrants. >> can't go on with people in this country in the shadows with this illegal status. we cannot have children who were born here brought by their parents when they were small children to live in the shadows as well. i think the time is right. >> part of making the time right for senator john mccain and other republicans means there has to be some proposal in place to implement tighter border security. the measure would include using more surveillance equipment plus adding more agents along the border between the united states and canada and especially mexico. president obama is scheduled to visit las vegas on tuesday after his time in vegas. the president will redouble their efforts working to fix the
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immigration this year. time for a look at who's talking. we are hearing from president obama and hillary clinton. they sat together during a 60 minutes interview. here's what they had to say on the attack on benghazi. >> obviously i deeply regret what happened many times. i knew chrstevens it was a grea loss to lose him and three other great americans. but i also have looked back and tried to figure out what we could do so that nobody in so far as possible would never be in that situation again. as the review board pointed out we fixed responsibility appropriately and we are taking steps to implement that. but we also live in dangerous world.
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>> i think one of the things that humbles you as president i am sure hillary feels the same way as secretary of state, you realize that all you can do every single day is to figure out a direction. make sure you are working as hard as you can to put people in place where they can succeed ask the right questions shape the right strategy. but it's going to be a team that both succeeds and fails. it's a process of constant improvement because the world is big and it is chaotic. >> also major speculation about a 2016 run for president. what was the purpose for the interview? >> the main thing is i wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you. i think hillary will go down as one of the fooins secretary of
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states we have had. it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i am going to miss her. i wish she was sticking around but she has logged in so many miles i can't bee bruj he bruj for trying to take it easy a little bit. i want the country to appreciate what an extraordinary roele she has taken. >> there is no political tea leaves to be read here? >> i mean a few years ago it would have been seen as improbable because we had that very long hard primary campaign, but i have gone around the world on behalf of the president and our country, and one thing that i say to people because i think it helps them understand, i say
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look, in politics and democracy sometimes you win elections sometimes you lose elections. i work very hard but i lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary of state and i said yes. >> clinton's last day as secretary of state is this friday february 1st. >> the deep freeze across the country is turning more dangerous as the winter storm hits the midwest hard. in eastern iowa the ice is coating roads sending dozens of cars right off. >> in wisconsin you can see the thick snow is falling making it hard for drivers to see and navigate the streets. let's check in with maria molina. she is tracking the storm as it moves east. >> the storm not over with just yet heading out over the northeast. already producing snow across pennsylvania and new york. even freezing rain across mid atlantic early this morning
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expecting it to be producing travel headaches. there is a little bit of warm air behind it. you will be seeing above that winter weather over to rains across most of the northeast including places like new york city and philadelphia and mid atlantic. we have winter weather advisories in effect. a couple inches of snow are affected across new york, pennsylvania and even into northern portions of the state of virginia and freezing across north carolina. you are looking at temperatures at the surface around freezing. we will see the possibility for icing on the roadways this morning. it could be thickening up to bring down branchs as well. thi shot of the snow new york, pennsylvania the pink shading is where we have the freezing rain. it has been reported across places in washington, d.c. a big warm stwr warm-up into the 60s.
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65 will be our high toop in new york city on wednesday. ether and pat -- heather and pa ann we could be seeing severe weather in texas with tornadoes possible the warm air heads eastbound more warm air possible by wednesday. >> and now to some stories you can bank on this morning. joining us is lauren simonetti. >> hi, lauren. >> first up the economists are optimistic right now. >> economists are increasingly but cautiously optimistic. half of the economists polled expect gdp to come between 2 and 4 percent this year. that's up from three months ago. things are slowly getting better. a third of firms will hire in the next six months. >> that's the highest percentage
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since last april. good news on the horizon. >> this is kind of depressing a study analyzes what types of personalities do best on the job. >> unfortunately it is the dysfunctional ones. oliver james thaz there are three types of dysfunctional personalties first want to be the center of attention and have no concerns traveling ov trampl over others. and then the narcissists who only talk about themselves but sadly there's even a fourth personality type which james says is a mixture of all three. they are the triadic person. think tony soprano. there is no success or failure in the workplace. if you are not one of these types of personalities you should learn how to deal with someone who is if you want to get ahead. >> these are the most likely. >> the horrible bosses out there
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that's the type of personalities they usually are. >> lauren simonetti, fox business networks. ronald reagan called them the nine most terrifying words in the english language. i am from the government and i am here to help. the victims of hurricane sandy see more. the damage the hurricane left behind. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> well tomorrow bacome back. 16 minutes after the hour. a manhunt for this prisoner rocky martez.
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he walked out of a jail no one knew he was gone for five days. he switched id's with another inmate who was about to be released. he pulled the same stunt last may escaping from an arizona prison. the super storm sandy victims ripping fema's rapid repairs program for their shoddy work. boiler rooms pipes leaving them with dangerous situations with more repairs to do later. the husband and brother of a new york city woman missing in turkey are expected to arrive in istanbul to try to find her. they had been vacationing alone in the country since january 7th. she was supposed to leave for the u.s. last week but never showed up for her flight home. >> you can't sleep. you wake up scared. you wake up nervous. you wake up with a lot of anxiety. it's really hard to put
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everything into words as far as what this feeling is like. >> he is worried sick about his wife for 14 years. the mother of his boy was on a three-week trip alone to turkey. he she posted many pictures on insta gram. she was due back home and he hasn't heard for her for a week. >> not having heard from her sips monday morning before she was supposed to arrive it didn't sit well with me. 5 foot 2 inches tall she traveled overseas alone after a friend canceled at the last minute. her brother says the sudden end to all communication is just not like her. >> this is not who she is. she is communicative always
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telling people what she is doing. >> they found her charger in the home where she was staying but her iphone was gone. >> they are trying to low chart. he can't begin to think of his life without her. >> it is lard leahard leaving m behind. but this is mare mom. >> he told the two sons mommy missed her flight and he's going to go bring her home. they will stay in turkey as long as it takes until they get answers. >> it is time now to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. a milwaukee sheriff taking gun safety into his own hands. how to handle firearms so they can defend themselves. >> with others laid off in furlough simply calling 911 in waiting is no longer your best
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option. you can beg for mercy from a criminal hide under the bed or fight back. are you pee paired? fake certified safety courses so you can defend yourself until we get there. >> cut backs lengthened time to get there. >> do you think the sheriff's comments are necessary or irresponsible? send us your comments at twitter or e-mail us. a major revelations in the murder investigation of jonbonet ramsey. it involves her parents. >> according to the government lance armstrong is still lying. de talls on the latest suspicion when we come back.
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>> 23 men's after the hour. a beauty queen turns in her crown for bars. revenge killing of a man back in 2003. she and her boyfriend were accused of plotting to kill a husband of a friend of hers. she pleaded guilty and faces up to 4 years in jail. barnes & noble announced plans to close a third of htheir stores. they had 14 stores in the past decade as e books has become increasingly popular. heather? >> patti ann time now for another look at whose talking.
2:26 am
for that we turn to lance armstrong. last week armstrong admitted to doping in an interview with oprah winfrey. is he lying? that is what president director of u.s. anti doping agency is talking about this morning telling cbs armstrong did not tell the entire truth during his interview. >> armstrong described doping as so routine it was quote like the air in our tires and water in our bottles. >> what did you think of that? >> it is simply not true. i think it's a cowardly self interested justification or rationalzation of his decision to de praud millions of people. >> the anti doping agency polices u.s. olympic support. last october it issued a report that is called a reasoned decision. it was a thousand pages of evidence that found that armstrong had run quote the most sophisticated professionalized
2:27 am
and successful doping program that support hport had ever see. that was one of his conclusions that armstrong denied in his interview last week. >> armstrong admitted to doping through out his 7 tour defrance victories. he tried to make a comeback in 20079. he sad mitted the first 7 but the last two races in 09 and 2010 he said he did not dope. he was racing clean. >> contrary to the evidence. the evidence is clear. his blood tests in 2009, 2010 expert reports based on the variation of his blood values from those tests one to a million chance that it was due to something other than doping. >> anti doping authorities gave armstrong until february 6th to confess under oath. if he does not his lifetime ban in sports will be ir reversible. more extreme weather and ice
2:28 am
storm moving across the country. we will show you the latest picture and see when it will all finally end. that's when we come back. and there's a commercial everyone is going to be talking about next week. we have a sneak preview of the super bowl lineup coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> welcome back. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us and for watching "fox & friends first". time now for your top 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. the self proclaimed mastermind of the september 11th attack and ladies and gentlemened co conspirators begins today. a key issue in the trial is whether u.s. agents tortured the men to get their confession. the mraurs pl lawyers plan to af they were taken to is evidence. new lawsuits challenging president obama's mandate requiring employers to provide birth control coverage are filed every week but lower court judges cannot agree on a decision. some cases are thrown out others get approval. religiously affiliated institutions and private employers are suing the
2:33 am
government saying their mandate violates police. >> more will be on the food stamp program than originally thought. they revised the participant reports at the end of the year. new numbers show a sharper rise in july of 2012. originally 11,000 new people joined the program from june to july. that in the soar is oufrnver 100,000. they will indict the parents of jonbenet ramsey following her murder. prosecutors refuse to try the case. it comes 13 years after the district attorney says they lacked evidence to charge any one with the 6-year-old's mysterious death. they were not exonerated until 2008 two years after her mother died of cancer. >> this year's super bowl ads.
2:34 am
>> skeper is only releasing part of that ad. you have to watch game night to see the rest. are you ready to work up an appetite? >> taco bell having a little fun with grandpa there. the company says it's just a preview. he's going to do something even crazeyer on super bowl sunday. the stakes are high for advertisers this year. the cost for 30 seconds an estimated $4 million. that is your 5@5:30. >> looks like fun. i am looking forward to seeing those now. >> this afternoon a group of 8 senators were both parties will reveal the framework for a broad overhaul of the nation's immigration laws. this one day as the president
2:35 am
heads to log vess gag to unveil his own details about immigration proposal. kelly wright has more for us. >> the current immigration system is very old and in many cases critics say very antiquated. top senators from both sides of the aisle are focusing on a bipartisan plan for immigration reform. estimated 11 million people are currently living illegally in the united states as 8 top democrat and republican senators plan to announce this afternoon a proposal to change that. it would include a one-step conference that would provide for pathway to citizenship, a guest worker program a visa enforcement program and more. >> we are committed to a comprehensive approach to finally in this country have an immigration law we can live with. we have virtually been going for maybe 25 years without a clear statement about immigration policy. that is unacceptable in this nation of immigrants. >> we want go on forever with 11
2:36 am
million people living in the shadows and illegal status. we cannot have children who were born here brought here by they'their parents to live in the shadows as well. i think the time is right. >> the right time and also the right measure would include for republicans involved in the proposal to implement tighter border security. the measure would include using more surveillance equipment plus add more agents along the borders between the united states and canada and mexico. president obama will be in vegan os tuesday. he -- in vegas on tuesday. he will work with congress to fix the broken immigration system this year. kelly wright live in washington. thank you. >> an american pastor jailed in iran convicted for being christian. saeed abedeni.
2:37 am
we have more on the case. >> family and friends of the pastor hear his case has now become a matter of life and death. an 8 year sentence in one of iran's most brutal prisons. he was born in iran but has american citizenship was doing work with an orphanage when he was arrested last summer. according to law and justice who has been fighting to get him released he was sentenced without warning threatening national security for churchs in iran. the pastor recently sent a disturbing letter from jail. >> first that they pass out pain meditations to the prisoners every day. second they won't give that to him. the nurse at the hospital from the national security say he's too unclean like a calf system because he's a convert and now he's a threat.
2:38 am
so he's not even getting medical care. >> with today's developments i am devastated for my husband and my family. we must now pursue every effort turn every rock and not stop until saeed is safely on american soil. they ha following his sentencing today a spokesperson for the national security council says, we are deeply disappointed saed abedini has been sentenced to 8 years on a charge related to his religious beliefs. we call on the iranian authorities to rereelease mr. mr. abedini. his supporters say he had been beaten and tortured and there are serious questions about his medical condition. in washington shannon breem, fox news. ice and snow hitting the midwest hard maybe bea for a dangerous winter storm road in
2:39 am
the windy city covered in ice making for a number of crashes, pat patti hah patti ann. >> in iowa cops respond to go dozens of calls for help. the storm is not over yet. update from maria molina. >> unfortunately the storm is packing a punch with ice. current temperatures, this is why we are seeing the ice. when it's cold you get snow when it's warm you get rain around 32 degrees or a little warmer that's when you start to see ice possibly accumulating across places leashing new york city and raleigh. that's what we are seeing now. we have winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories because that's what we are expecting to see around the area. in raleigh you see ice accumulating on roadways. it is around the mid atlantic and dc area in up state new york
2:40 am
no fa snowfall accumulations. icing that is a tenth of an inch even greater ams forecast so it could be an issue on the road ways. could be seeing travel delays. there is much milder air behind the storm system. many of you are seeing winter weather to start out with and transition to rain. temperatures well above average by tuesday in chicago in the 60s heather and patti ann in the 50s by wednesday. mild air poses trouble further south in the form of severe weather. >> maria molina in the weather center thank you. it is time now to entertain this. jennifer lawrence not only making headlines for winning best female actor at the sag awards last night, also for what looks like a wardrobe malfunction. you can see her dress seems to rip when she walks up to accept her award. but it is made of two parts and they are connected by a sheer lining. >> bradley cooper might go from
2:41 am
heartthrob to the athletes. he is reportedly interested in playing lance armstrong on the big screen. he's releasing the movie and stealing the attention hansel and gretel brought in 19 million bucks over the weekend. despite having big name actors movie 43 tanked on the debut pulling in only $5 million. and now for your starting lineup. your top sports stories this morning, the nfl's best back on the field for this year's pro bowl. it was a blowout. the nfc dominated the afc 65 to 35. kyle rudolph was voted the game mvp. nfl official also decide by april if the pro bowl will be playing again next year. we are now less than a week to super bowl sunday. the 49ers arriving for the big
2:42 am
game. quarterback looking relaxed. he heads to the buses. the ravens arrive today. jo yoke vich getting a hat trick at the australian open. he beat andy murray to be the first man to win the title three times in a row. good for him. >> you have a facebook account a mistake at a multi billion dollar company may mean money for >> how about this for an escape. we will tell you how to book a vacation here and pretty much anywhere on a budget. stay tuned.
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>> 44 after the hour. let's span the globe see what is happening overseas. mohammed morsi claiming a state of emergency in three cities consumed anti government violence. more than 50 people were killed this weekend across the country. to israel now after 7 years in a coma former prime minister ariel sharon's brain is showing signs of life a recent brain scan found significant activity. he has been in a vegetative state. >> a daring rescue caught on camera. two men and a young child stranded as their truck became engulfed with flood waters. >> they had a toddler into a water proof bag and hoisted to safety. both women were saved as well. >> did you get an e-mail on friday suggesting facebook owed you money? i did. check your junk mail. that e-mail is no scam.
2:47 am
diane macedo has the story. >> what is this about? >> heather, facebook users started receiving an e-mail friday with a class action lawsuit against the site. they violated user's privacy by images using profile maim in sponsored stories a form of advertising introduce the in 2011 which shows when a user like add certain page or played a game or shared a link. unlike many facebook users they cannot opt out of sponsored stories. the parties are working on implementing a $20 million settlement in the case. the e-mail looked so much like a scam some fear it will end up in people's trash boxes instead. it does include bank route number that's often a red flag for e-mail scams but the settlement is real and taking the 10 minutes to fill out the form could make you 10 bucks. if too man fee people file
2:48 am
claims in a timely fashion there may be too many people to pay it will instead go to an already agrowed to set -- agreed to set of charities. you increase a chance of making money or charity. >> or you saul get a penny when it is all said and done. >> you are not going to get rich off of this. 10 bucks for 10 minutes. >> thank you diane. appreciate it. >> up next the drug that forces you to stop drinking once you have had too much. >> that's an interesting story. >> ice cold temperatures have you feeling blue don't change the channel. we will take you to a beach like this without breaking the bank. >> here a brian with what's happening at the top of the hour. >> got a big show on this monday edition. talk to do hillary and president obama for 30 men's. why didn't they make any news? we will examine the questions they didn't ask and the soon to be former secretary of state's legacy. donald trump will be here live.
2:49 am
he might be watching this. how republicans should pick their battles and how obama care links to the immigration reform proposed. new england patriots talks about would let his son play football today because president obama says he is not sure he would because it's so violent. adam fer era is here he's the host i can't wait. there are patients who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene.
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excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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>> 9 until the top of the hour. a professor was raised for threatening to ble up the liberty bell in philadelphia. he told cops at the historic site he had explosives in his backpack. no explosives were found.
2:53 am
he faces terrorist charges. >> image having a hangover after only one 6th of boos. researches spent a year designing the drug in the bid to tackle growing problem of alcohol i am in that country. heather? >> very interesting patti ann. >> cold weather especially like what we have had this past week may have us feeling blue. but you can plan a get away without breaking the bank. we have details that can help all of us start planning right now. thank you for joining us this morning. good news we can all use right now to warm-up. up first on the list is the bahamas? >> just got back from there last night. they are running a deal where you can get a $300 instant savings on stay of 6 days or more or 200 on a five day stay. i was in harbor island and stayed in a place called the
2:54 am
done mar hotel which is a great place to stay. i highly recommend and pineapple fields is awesome. >> that's where you can find the specials you were talking about. >> yes. the bahamas in general but those are a couple i recommend. >> if you want to stay a little bit closer to home depending on where you live las vegas is a trip you can take. >> yeah, las vegas is always a great place to go. one of my favorites obviously. the mgm grand which under went major renovations, rooms are great. they are giving 25 percent off the rooms. if you book now and also other deals for the economy show in the hotel and great buffets an whatnot. >> that promotion runs january 26th through december 31st of 2013. >> that's correct. >> and then florida. >> florida. obviously everybody knows about florida. but there's a lot going on there. the marriott hotels are all running a great special from right now. they are doing 20 percent off
2:55 am
across the board on many of the hotels. the rates are starting at 151 a night great way to get away. >> little warmer temperatures down there. >> okay so saint kiss. >> it is a great island in the caribbean. a lot of people don't know about it. it has a great property there. the marriott. they are running a special 186 which includes transportation to and from the airport and also all gratuities at the hotel. it's a great island and great place to chill out. the marriott is an awesome property. >> i just got back from a trip to the british virgin islands. >> finally a dutch island in souther caribbean part of the abc islands. it is fantastic. you hotel and spa is running deals $149 a night t. has a ton of culture. a lot to do. it's not just a hotel you can go and get around but it's a great
2:56 am
place to chill out and relax and enjoy yourself at the spa. >> you need a passport for the last two. >> you also need a passport for the bahamas as well. no big deal. only 20 percent of americans have passports we need to improve that number. >> you have been to every country in the world, right? >> i have, yes. >> you have to be a travel expert to do so. >> appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> one of the dumbest drug smugglers. wait until you see how she gets caught. we told you about the sheriff who said forget about calling 911 you are better off buying a gun. is he right? we read your e-mails after the break. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the

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